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Aghadan Alqak ("Shall I see you tomorrow?") (1971)
Ana Fi Entezarak ("I am waiting for you") (1943)
Alf Leila wa Leila ("One Thousand and One Nights") (1969)
Arooh Lemeen ("Whom Should I Go To")(1958)
Al Atlal ("The Ruins") (1966) recorded live in Tunis
Amal Hayati ("Hope of My Life") (1965)
Ansak Ya Salam ("Forget you? Come on!") (1961)
Anta l'Hobb ("You Are The Love") (1965)
Anta Omry ("You Are My Life") (1964)
Aqbal al-layl ("Night has arrived") (1969)
Araka asiya al-dam ("I see you refusing to cry") (1964)
Awwedt Eini ("I accustomed my eyes") (1957
Bayd Anak ("Far From You") (1965)
Betfaker fi Meen ("Who Are You Thinking Of?") (1963)
Dalili Ehtar ("I am lost") (1955)
Dhikrayatun (Qessat Hobbi or the story of my love) ("memories") (1955)
El-Hobb Keda
El Hobb Kolloh ("All The Love") (1971)
Es'al Rouhak ("Ask yourself") (1970)
Fakarouni ("They reminded me") (1966)
Fit al-ma' ad ("It Is Too Late"or "the rendezvous is over") (1967)
Gharib' Ala Bab erraja ("Stranger at the door of hope") (1955)
Ghulubt asalih ("Tired of forgiving") (1946)
Hadeeth el Rouh ("The Talk of The Soul") (1967)
Hagartek or Hajartak ("I Left You") EMI (1959)
Hasibak lil-zaman ("I will leave you to Time") (1962)
Hathehe Laylati ("This is My Night") (1968)
Hayart Albi Ma'ak ("You Confused My Heart") (1961)
Hakam 'alayna al-haw'a ("Love has ordered me") (1973)
Hobb Eih ("Which Love") (1960)
Huwwa Sahih El-Hawa Ghallab ("Is it true that love conquers all?") (1960)
Kull al-ahabbah ("All the friends") (1941)
Leilet Hobb ("a Night of Love") (1973)
Lel Sabr Hedod ("Patience Has Limits") (1964)
Lessa Faker ("You Still Remember") (1960)
Men Agl Aynayk ("For your eyes") (1972)
Othkorene ("Remember Me") (1939)
Raq il Habeeb ("My Beloved Tendered Back") (1941)
Rihab al-huda (al-Thulathiyah al-Muqaddisah) ("the paths to repentance or the holly trinity")(1972)
Rubaiyat Al-Khayyam ("Quatrains of Omar Khayym") (1950)
Salou Qalbi ("Ask My Heart") written by Ahmad Shawqi, composed by Sonbati (1946)
Sirat el Houb ("Tale of Love") (1964)
Toof we Shoof ("Wander and wonder") (1963)
Wi-darit il-ayyam ("And Time Passed By") (1970)
Woulida el Houda ("The Prophet is Born"; 1949)
Ya Karawan ("O Plover") (1926)
Yali Kan Yashqiq Anini ("You who enjoyed my cries") (1949)
Ya Leilat el Eid (Oh, Night of Eid)
Ya Msaharny ("You that keeps me awake at night") (1972
Ya Zalemny ("You who were unjust to me") (1954)
Zalamna El Hob ("We Have Sinned Against Love") (1962)

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