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Dananir (1940) with Umm Kulthum

"Dananir" was Umm Kulthum's third cinema movie.

1940: "Dananir" (90 mins) Directed by Ahmad Badr Khan (Studio Misr) Release date: September 29, 1940. IMDB listing.

Main players: Om Koultoum and Suleiman Naguib.

"Set in the times of Arabian Nights this film tells the story of Dananeer, a poor bedouin girl with a beautiful voice. She is discovered and moves from her harsh desert life to the luxury and decadence of palaces and estates during the times of Harun Al Rashid. A classic film featuring some of the most critically acclaimed songs of Oum Kalthoum. Critics of the time said her voice was at its "zenith" credit

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